Welcome, Future

Bachmann has more to offer its employees than just an impressive panoramic view from the office over the mountains surrounding the Austrian headquarters.

Andrea Polzhofer:

Sönke Marx:

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Alexander Diem:

Your Start in a Career with Prospects:

While acquiring expert knowledge and learning how to implement it on your own in practice remains the focus at the start of your career, personal development becomes increasingly important as your career progresses. Pass on the knowledge you acquire to colleagues and customers. Lead the team to success with your own ideas. Take on managerial roles. We require and support expertise at all levels.

Assistant Engineer:

In your first role after completing your internship or graduating from vocational school, you gain an insight into the field of hardware or software development, help experienced employees, and are assigned your first small tasks.

Junior Engineer:

Once your technical studies are complete, this starting role provides you with the opportunity to concentrate on building on your own skills and capabilities and take on new responsibilities.


With well-founded expert knowledge, you have fixed areas of responsibility and specialize in a product family or expand your specialist knowledge, depending on your interests.

Product Specialist:

This role involves specializing in specific products or components of a product family. With solid user knowledge, you work within your expert field as a specialist and contact person for customers.

Advanced Engineer:

This role focuses on extensive department expertise with specific knowledge of Bachmann products and the different components of a product family.

Senior Engineer:

With in-depth specialist and user knowledge in at least two product families, you make independent decisions and become a role model.